This is a development that allows you spread payment through a period of 5 years by making initial deposits of N20M

4BED SEMI DETACHED: N114M Outright payment
1yr plan: N119.7M, Monthly payment N8.3M
2yr plan: N136.1M, Monthly payment N5.1M
3yr plan: N173.4M, Monthly payment N4.2M
4yr plan: N206.9M, Monthly payment N3.8M
5yr plan: N248.3M, Monthly payment N3.8M
With initial deposit of N20M

4BED TOWNHOUSE TERRACE: N108M Outright payment
1yr plan: N113.4M, monthly payment N7.7M
2yr plan: N136.1M, monthly payment N4.8M
3yr plan: N163.3M, monthly payment N3.9M
4yr plan: N195.9M, monthly payment N3.6M
5yr plan: N253.2M, monthly payment N3.5M
With initial deposit of N20M

4BED APARTMENT: N78M Outright payment
1yr plan: N81.9M, monthly payment N5.9M
2yr plan: N98.3M, monthly payment N3.6M
3yr plan: N117.9M, monthly payment N2.9M
4yr plan: N141.6M, monthly payment N2.7M
5yr plan: N169.9M, monthly payment N2.6M
With initial deposit of N20M

3BED APARTMENT: N66M payment
1yr plan: N69.3M, monthly payment N4.9M
2yr plan: N83.2M, monthly payment N3M
3yr plan: N99.8M, monthly payment N2.4M
4yr plan: N119.8M, monthly payment N2.2M
5yr plan: N143.7M, monthly payment N2.2M
With initial deposit of N20M